Is it all in the genes, or can a healthy diet make a real difference? The University of British Columbia Alumni, in partnership with The Faculty of Land Food Systems and the Heart & Stroke Foundation, hosted a panel to talk about that question: “Genetics vs. Food: Are we truly what we eat?”  Among the experts included on the panel was Gardein™ founder and president, Yves Potvin.

Yves provided the food industry perspective, and the public demand for healthy, tasty, convenient food. On the main topic, Yves said “I believe there is something to say about the genes, but I also believe in lifestyle. I think diet is important, I think exercising is important … there’s a way to slowly change.”

The panel focused on increasing cross-talk to find solutions to the growing obesity problem, and included experts from cellular and physiological sciences, nutrition and diet, and genomics. In addition to talking about genes vs. diet, the panel also discussed larger health issues, such as socioeconomics and the low cost of unhealthy fast food, as well as the potential in gene-mapping and finding markers for chronic disease.

Get the facts about how eating right can help improve your health, regardless of your genes! Listen to the podcast.